How You Can Help

When we first visited Gimbie, Ethiopia in 2002, a small but noisy group of orphans stayed outside the hospital compound fence every day waiting for us to emerge from the guest house. Once they spotted us the kids would shout for food, clothes, shoes, books and pens. Their needs for food and clothing were obvious but the “give me book, give me pen” puzzled us until we learned they could not attend school without either. All of them  desperately wanted to be in school. We bought books and pens for these kids that year and in subsequent years provided newly mandated school uniforms, tuition and more books and pens.

Through the years  we’ve bought beds, blankets, built a few houses, purchased donkeys, cows, chickens, and sheep. We have also taken many children to the hospital for medical attention , bought their medicine and supervised their daily dosage.  We’ve also lugged suitcases of shoes to Gimbie for the kids and we’ve taken hundreds of t-shirts to distribute. As that noisy group of children has grown, so have their hopes and needs. They hope to pass the government Grade 10 exam. If they fail this test their education ends and their futures are hopeless. Sending  students to elementary school increases their chances of passing the required Grade 10 exam. After grades 11 and 12 students take another critical exam. If they excel  on the Grade 12 exam the government will pay tuition, room, and board at a university and they are assured of a future without hopeless poverty.

 Hearts Full of Happy became a tax exempt 501(3)(c)  nonprofit organization in 2011 so we can help orphans or students with one parent attend school.  All donations are used for educational purposes for students in the rural towns of Gimbie and Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia.  Each student we choose to help is recommended by a school or church official in Ethiopia and they are students we know personally and schools we have observed.

Hearts Full of Happy spent $6000 in 2011-12 to  support  33 students in boarding school, universities, and local schools. Our goal for 2012-13 is to continue support for current students and add another twenty. There are hundreds more destitute children who can’t attend school at all because they can’t buy a uniform, book, and pen.  None of the students we help has any financial support.

You can help in the following ways:

$800 sends one student to boarding school for a year, provides transportation, and personal expenses. These students are high school age and have a safe place to sleep, food, books, and tuition. They also have electricity so they can study at night.

$650 pays tuition, uniforms, and books for ten students to attend a school operated by Bethel Synod in Dembi Dollo. These students are elementary age and walk miles to school every day.

$150 pays personal expenses and transportation for a university student.  Tuition, room and board are paid by the government for those students whose scores are in the top 5% of all who took the Grade 12  exam. The cost of transportation and personal expenses often prevents students from attending the university. University students find they cannot buy school supplies and personal items like soap and feminine sanitary supplies. If they become sick they need money for medication as well.

$65 pays tuition, uniform, books, and pens for one student in elementary school.

$25 to $50 pays for the various required government exams over the years of their studies.

$25 buys one mandatory uniform

$10 provides composition books and pens for the year for one student

Your donations and support are much appreciated and are used only for Ethiopian students and their educational needs. Please send your contribution to:


attn: Sue Leister

4272 East Orchard Place

Centennial, CO 80121

Hearts Full of Happy is a 501(3)(c) non profit organization tax ID #27-4788568