Impacting Lives


Meet Dawit.  He spends most of his time at the Catholic Mission in Gimbie and does anything he can to help the Sisters there. He goes to the market, he carries loads of wood, he cleans, he walks with the Sisters as an unofficial guard, and he is an extra set of hands for them.   Since Dawit was in kindergarten his dream has been to be a driver.  Sister Suzi and Sister Maty asked Hearts Full of Happy  to help Dawit achieve his dream  by sending him to a six month driving school. Dawit now attends his sixth grade classes in the mornings and goes to driving school in the afternoons.  Upon completion of his driver’s test  the Sisters will have  a reliable driver and mechanic, Dawit will have a valuable  skill, and his mother will have  security that provides food and shelter for both of them.

Tireza just completed her second year of computer science study at Wollega University in Nekempt with financial support from Hearts Full of Happy. The government provides room, board, and tuition and Hearts Full of Happy provides transportation costs,  books, and personal expenses for Tireza. She writes, “Being an (AIDS) orphan girl, my future would be very dark without your help.”

Hearts Full of Happy impacts American students’ lives as well. Corie Saunders, then a student at Virginia Tech,  went to Gimbie three different times and she writes:

“I could not imagine not knowing all of the kids in Gimbi. We go there and they are so welcoming and gracious while we spend time with them.  We  give them clothing and meals, but what they give us in return is much greater. Their happiness when things, at times, seem hopeless is so empowering.”

Ellen Pagan, a  former Ramapo College of New Jersey student, has been to Gimbie four times.

Ellen says,”
Without the children of Gimbie, I would not know who I am. The purity in their hearts has given purpose to my own and without them I would still be searching to find myself today. If I can provide them with only half of what they have given me, then I will know that their lives have also been touched.”
A James Madison student, Caroline Adams, writes:
It is in our human nature to think that one who travels across the world to a third world country will bring positive change, make great impact and forever help the people they touch. It was exactly what I thought I was going to do when I first traveled to Gimbie, Ethiopia at the age of 18. However, my experience there was one that I could never imagine. The children of Gimbie forever changed my life and molded me into the person I am today. Since that first trip I have traveled back twice and intend on making a return trip in the near future. An education to a child in Gimbie  is greatest gift they could ever have. Photo Library - 1141The children of Gimbie have a special place in my heart. They have taught me about life by using little words. They have forever changed me.